Visa exemption in South America for Malaysian

June 27, 2016

Except for Paraguay and Guyana, Malaysian passport entitled visa-free at most countries in South America.

However, the diplomatic policy may change, our information based on Feb 2016 until Jun 2016.

Most results from our research said Malaysian need visa for entry Bolivia, actually just need Visa on arrived and it free of charged.

We recommend apply in advanced, don't get your visa when entering the border, bad experienced has been reported. Do not need to pay the departure tax when leaving like Lonely Planet said.

Argentina- 30 days
Uruguay- 30 days
Suriname- 30 days
Chile- 30 days
Brazil- 90 days
Columbia- 90 days
French Guiana- 90 days
Ecuador- 90 days
Peru- 90 days (sometimes it depend on the officer, we got 30 days visa free when crossing border from Chile, but got 90 days from Bolivia)
Venezuela- 90 days (need to paid 50BBF for entry form and 240BBF departure tax)

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