New Zealand working holiday

Where to find your jobs in New Zealand all year long?

February 11, 2017


Struggling in find a job during Working Holiday in New Zealand? You must not to missed this website :  Pick The World

From this website, you can find most of the fruit or horticulture farm in New Zealand. Where are they? What they plant? When they start need labors, and How are they? Not matter is kiwi fruit, apple picking, or cherry packing. you can find whatever you want.

People like us will comments, review. Help other like us know how the job is. And you can do the same after the experiences.

When the jobs start, and where it start, all from this website.
You just need to pick the location, all details will show.

Here I got from the source of Internet, when  and where is the season of the jobs you can do in New Zealand.


Mussel Opening —— Motueka, Christchurch, Havelock, Tauranga, Coromandel
Cherry Picking & Packing —— Central Otago*, Napier
Vineyard Thinning —— Blemheim, Hawke’s Bay**, Gisbrone, Martinborough
Blueberry Raspberry Picking & Packing —— Hamilton, Hastings
Strawberry Picking &Packing —— Albany, Warkworth
Apricot Picking —— Central Otago*
Mandarin Thinning —— Workworth, Kerikeri


Mussel Opening —— Motueka, Christchurch, Havelock, Tauranga, Coromandel
Cherry Picking & Packing —— Cromwell, Alexandra, Roxburgh
Apple Picking &Packing —— Nelson, Motueka, Hawke’s Bay**
Blueberry Raspberry Picking &Packing —— Hamilton, Hastings
Apricot Picking —— Central Otago*
Vineyard Thinning —— Blemheim, Hawke’s Bay**, Gisbrone, Martinborough

March & April

Mussel Opening —— Motueka, Christchurch, Havelock, Tauranga, Coromandel
Apple Picking &Packing —— Nelson, Motueka, Hawke’s Bay**
Kiwifruit Picking &Packing —— Motueka, Bay of Plenty***
Blueberry Raspberry Picking &Packing —— Hamilton, Hastings
Vineyard Picking —— Blemheim, Hawke’s Bay**, Gisbrone, Martinborough


Mussel Opening —— Motueka, Christchurch, Havelock, Tauranga, Coromandel
Apple Picking —— Nelson, Motueka, Hawke’s Bay**
Kiwifruit Picking &Packing —— Motueka, Bay of Plenty***
Mandarin Picking —— Workworth, Kerikeri
Pine Tree Nursery ——Rangiora

Pine Tree Nursery


Mussel Opening —— Motueka, Christchurch, Havelock, Tauranga, Coromandel
Mandarin Picking —— Workworth, Kerikeri
Vineyard Purning —— Blemheim, Hawke’s Bay**, Gisbrone, Martinborough
Ski Field —— Mt Ruapehu, Queenstown, Wanaka


Mussel Opening —— Motueka, Christchurch, Havelock, Tauranga, Coromandel
Mandarin Picking —— Warkworth, Kerikeri
Vineyard Purning —— Blemheim, Hawke’s Bay**, Gisbrone, Martinborough
Kiwifruit Purning —— Motueka, Bay of Plenty***
Apple Purning —— Nelson, Motueka, Hawke’s Bay**
Hoki Processing —— Sealord & Talley’s****
Lily Bulbs Processing —— Rakaia
Ski Field —— Mt Ruapehu, Queenstown, Wanaka


Mussel Opening —— Motueka, Christchurch, Havelock, Tauranga, Coromandel
Vineyard Purning —— Blemheim, Hawke’s Bay**, Gisbrone, Martinborough
Kiwifruit Purning —— Motueka, Bay of Plenty***
Apple Purning —— Nelson, Motueka, Hawke’s Bay**
Hoki Processing —— Sealord &Talley’s****
Lily Bulbs Processing —— Rakaia
Ski Field —— Mt Ruapehu, Queenstown, Wanaka


Vineyard Purning —— Blemheim, Hawke’s Bay**, Gisbrone, Martinborough
Hoki Processing —— Sealord &Talley’s****
Asparagus Picking —— Tauranga, Hamilton


Mussel Opening —— Motueka, Christchurch, Havelock, Tauranga, Coromandel
Strawberry Picking & Packing —— Albany, Warkworth
Asparagus Picking —— Tauranga, Hamilton
Kiwifruit Thinning —— Motueka, Bay of Plenty***


Mussel Opening —— Motueka, Christchurch, Havelock, Tauranga, Coromandel
Strawberry Picking &Packing —— Albany, Warkworth
Blueberry Raspberry Picking &aPacking —— Hamilton, Hastings
Kiwifruit Thinning —— Motueka, Bay of Plenty***
Apple Thinning —— Nelson, Motueka, Hawke’s Bay**
Cookie Time Factory —— Christchurch


Mussel Opening —— Motueka, Christchurch, Havelock, Tauranga, Coromandel
Strawberry Picking & Packing —— Albany, Warkworth
Blueberry Raspberry Picking &Packing —— Hamilton, Hastings
Cherry Picking & Packing —— Central Otago*, Napier
Apricot Picking —— Central Otago*
Kiwifruit Flower Picking —— Motueka, Bay of Plenty***
Apple Thinning —— Nelson, Motueka, Hawke’s Bay**
Cookie Time Factory —— Christchurch

*Central Otago are Cromwell, Alexandra, Roxburgh, etc.
**Hawke’s Bay are Napier, Hastings, etc.
***Bay of Plentyare Te Puke, Tauranga, Opotiki, etc.
**** Sealord &Talley’s are the can factory,Sealord in Nelson,Talley’s has few factories located in Southland.

There are actually not only infomation above, you can find other from internet. Here are the few website I used to finding jobs. keep your eye open, you will get more opportunities.


Slow boat in Amazon river to brazil

February 08, 2017

There are many ways to experience the world's largest tropical rainforests on the 7000-kilometer Amazon River.

From Peru, Ecuador, or Colombia, can take a boat to Brazil. The general route from 8 hours to a week it depends on what you wanted to see.

The easiest way is to fly to Leticia in Colombia.

Daily flight available from Bogota to Leticia, tickets are between 50-100 USD.

If you are in South America and want to avoid the turmoil in Venezuela, which is the best or even the lowest cost route.

Leticia is an inland city that can not be reached by land transportation. It shares an Inland with Brazil's Tabatinga.

There is a border between two countries but no ports. You can crossover every time without having any Border check.

Both currencies are acceptable, but mostly they will require local currency in in their respective territories.


1. Boat Ticket

Slow boat from Tabatinga to Manaus take 3-4 days to arrived. Raining season is faster.

The boat departs every Wednesday and Saturday noon.

Hammock R$180-R$200 per person, local people only R$150some buddy can get the local price, but usually is hard to get lower than R$180.

Beware there are not agent selling ticket, you have to go Porto Fluvial de Tabatinga buy your own ticket.

5km from Leticia, get a MotoTaxi, like Tuk Tuk in Thailand, can fit 2 people with two big pack about COP7000, only COP2000 for the local bus.

Some backpacker suggests get the ticket early, somehow the owner of Leticia backpacker told us to buy the ticket when last minute may get cheaper.

We have a flight ticket leave Manaus, that's why we don't take the risk.

2. Hammock

You can easily get your Hammock in South America. We bought at Columbia in COP30,000. Another one bought from a backpacker who just finish the journey in Amazon river, 20Soles.

Get you place in the second deck, the middle is best, away from the toilet. Try to onboarding early, many local starts the line up at 9am.


The food is not bad, three meal per day. It starts early, usually, they will make an announcement.

There are chicken or beef for lunch or dinner. Bread with coffee for breakfast.

Many suggested bring more water, but our boat provides cold and warm water whole day. Coffee is available in morning and noon.

Cuttery also available on the boat, but many local bring their own.


Take care your belonging. Thief reported when the passengers disembark. Try to lock your big pack together. Many stop point at midnight, you may in sleeping.

you can pass your belonging to captain but only can get back when disembark.

Brazilian federal police go aboard check at every stop point.

5. Passport Stamp for leaving

Make sure get your passport chop before leaving.

Leticia and Tabatinga share the inner land. Both countries do not have any border barriers. you can chop the stamp when you arrived at Leticia airport. The immigration office just next to the airport entrance.

After that, rent a moto taxi for half day (COP18,000). The driver will bring you to Tabatinga Federal police office to get the entry stamp.

You can buy your boat ticket after getting the entry stamp.


Backpackers prefer to stay Leticia instead of Tabangtinga. More choices and cheaper doom in Leticia.

You can stay Leticia after getting the entry stamp of Brazil.

7.Time Zone

There is 3 time zone in Brazil. Tabatinga same with Colombia (UTC-5).

Manaus use Atlantic Time Zone (UTC-4), São Paulo is Brasilia Time(UTC-3).

When the boat leaves Tabatinga, the boat is using Atlantic Time Zone.

Time to provide food is early. We missed first meal of the day due we using Colombia time.


Unless you do not want to go to Brazil directly without visit Colombia, or we do not recommend this trip in Amazon River, the whole trip takes at least 10 days without other transport (Take a plane from Iquitos).

First, you need to take a bus to Tarapoto, then 2 hours and a half bus to Yurimaguas (10soles), from here you can take a boat to Iquitos, take 3 days, daily boat, except Sundays, tickets (100 soles).

Iquitos is an inland area, accessible only by airplane or by boat. You can fly from here to other places, but not recommended if you are looping the continent of South America. You can also fly directly to Iquitos, from here to start the Amazon River rafting.

In Iquitos, can take a boat to Santa Rosa (3 days, daily boats available, there is three company running. Ask Captain directly for tickets. (80 soles),

Santa Rosa is the Delta of  Peru, Colombia, and Brazil.

At Santa Rosa, you need to get the stamp fro leaving Peru, then take the boat to Leticia or Tabatinga. (10 minutes, 2 soles).


Here you can also ride the boat drifting the Amazon, but few people do so, very inconvenient. From Coca by boat to Iquitos, but only once every 10 days it depends on of the goods in cargo. They will set off when it full.

You may need to wait in this small town for couple days.


Leticia to Manaus via Slow boat in Amazon river

January 04, 2017

The largest river in the Planet- Pix by WWF

Taking the slow boat from Leticia at Colombia to Manaus, Brazil in Amazon forest is one of the best routes in South America.

You may have some Cruise experiences on the sea, but you have to try the absolutely rare experiences. take a slow boat in the world's largest and longest river (nearly 7,000 km), this is part of Amazon, the world's largest rain forest.

During the trip, you may see the Amazon River pink dolphins and piranhas.
Pink dolphin usually appear after the rain.- Pix by WWF
Technically, the drifting days of the vessel are not tourist purposes. This is the main transport for many amazon inland villages.

There are some Airport and route for the car into the certain village but no all.

Local people, whether to enter or come out from the Amazon inland, are taking this cargo ship

Of course, the speedboat is available some passengers, there is no need for 4 days and 3 nights.

However, the price several times expensive for mostly low-income families in the Amazon villages.

Aircraft are limited to a few specific tourist cities.

The starting point of the Amazon river have their own claims, but generally, the more recognized is the Andean mountains in Peru, the basin has covered many countries in South America, the mount of river exit to Macapá, an Atlantic coast city in Brazil.

There are many stops during 7,000 km long route. We meet a French in Peru, he starts his amazon river trip from Belem in Brazil, 21 days in total.

He shares some stories with us, one of the interesting stories is about aborigines in Amazon inland.

They try to pick up the camera for picture, but the aborigines pick up the bow and arrow at the same time, every time they repeated, the aborigines repeat the same, end up they can't take any picture.

The inland villages are modernizing, floating gas station near on shore.
We went from Leticia in Colombia to Manaus, the largest city in Amazon.

Scheduled for four days and three nights, but the rainy season cause high tide, we arrived downstream earlier than scheduled.

Hammock or Cabin is available, R$180(50 USD) including food. Three meals a day on board, as well as the unlimited supply of coffee and water.

R$20-40 per hammock, you need to find a place early on the boat in the second deck.

Beware of your belonging during the journey.We got many advice from other backpackers, the thief always actions when the cargo at Stop point. after they left, even captain also can not help.

We had prepared some repellent for mosquitoes to prevent Zika virus, but the vessel is operating most of the time, docking time is not long, we don't see any mosquitoes during the journey.

The whole trip is very good impressionistic, no wifi but very substantial, through the world's largest river, the weather was comfortable, the rainforest scenery along the coast, like back home.

Brings your book to kill the time on the boat.
The meals on the boat are nice.
Sunset in Amazon.
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New Zealand

First city see the light in the world

December 31, 2016

Gisborne- the first city in the world see the light-100% Pure New Zealand

The first day of every year, the world first firework show from Sydney, how about sunrise?

The first sunrise on the planet arrived in New Zealand or Samoa first every morning. 

New Zealand is tip of easternmost country from Greenwich, thus becoming one of the earliest countries to enter the new day。

Pitt island is the first sunrise of the day will raise at. It lies about 770 kilometers (480 mi)  to the east of New Zealand's north islands. However, it's not easy to go there.

If you can't go there, how about at the first city in the world see the light?

1st of January, the sun will rise at a city in in northeastern New Zealand, Gisborne. 1700 meters height of Mount Hikurangi from this city will say hello to the sunlight early than everyone else.

If you drive from Rotorua, it takes about 4 hours. The city is small only 36,000 populations, but it very unique, every visitors come for “ First city in the world see the light”.

Sunrise of 1st Jan about 5.46am. if you would meet the dawn or twilight, come early, better arrived before 5 am, wait at the beach before 4.30am.

The Seaside is cold, prepare some warm cloth. The way from Rotorua is the rough mountain road, drive safe. Is better arrive early.

Gisborne also is Capital of Chardonnay, if you love wine, join the Wine Tour. There is also strong Maori culture here, climb to Mount Hikurangi to visit the Maori statues. From car park to the hut about 3-4 hours (10.5km), and another 2 hours to peak.

World fist light will arrived at Mount Hikurangi。-100% Pure New Zealand
Camping at Rere falls you can see Glow worm-100% Pure New Zealand

New Zealand working holiday

Travel guides after New Zealand Working Holiday

December 29, 2016


Iguazu Fall

In recent years, working holidays in New Zealand have attracted a large number of applicants from Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

New Zealand Immigration will be open on January 20 to 1150 places to Malaysian applications.

Most of the backpackers will go Australia, Fiji, and other Pacific island countries before home.

Other than to direct fly home, maybe you can the other way home via round the planet.

After completing New Zealand in early 2016, we flew to South America, travel for nearly 4 months, and then flew to Europe for a week, then return to Asia, air tickets and fly directly to home almost the same.

Maybe a four-month journey for the majority of people is too long, but if you want to go home in this way, add extra footprint in few countries, is absolutely feasible.

We are not alone during the trip in Sout America. We meet another backpacker who also went south America after Working Holiday in New Zealand.

South America (10 days)

Retiro in Buenos Aires, taken by Konica film.

Itinerary 1:

Air New Zealand offer a direct flight to the Buenos Aires, Argentinian capital. We purchased a one-way ticket for 900 NZD. Sometimes promotion price as low as 599NZD.

Watch a Tango show in Buenos Aires and paid a visit to Boca Junior Stadium, a place born the great soccer player, Diego Maradona.

Itinerary 2:

Take a 16 hours bus to the north, the way to the world's largest waterfall, Iguazú Falls. Iguazu Falls are located in Argentina and Brazil. Both sides of National park are great, but if you only visit one of them Argentinian side is the better option.

From here you can take 2 hours bus the Brazilian side, and take another bus here to Sao Paulo. Duration of Journey: Bus 16 hours, plane 2 hours.

Bird view of Iguazu fall
Bird view of Iguazu falls -Pix by Iguazu falls National Park

Itinerary 3:

Sao Paulo is the largest city in Latin America, this city was the home of the world's largest, the tallest building in the world.

In 1950s economic boom in this city, the people build a lot of world's largest, tallest and best building. The city has hundreds of museums and shopping malls, and thousands of bars and restaurants.

It is also home to different or weird museums and buildings of the world. Ranging from sexually diverse museums to Asian museums and so on, this city shows its tolerance of diversity.
The museum located at Subway station.

Itinerary 5:

Take a bus to Rio de Janeiro (6 hours) after Sao Paulo.

From Largo do Machado Square, where you can buy tickets at the front of the chapel (50Real) and they will send you directly to the Jesus statue, Christ the Redeemer.

This one of the seven wonders of the World crowded every day.Entry before 8 am to avoid the crowd. See the sunset at Copacabana beach in evening.
Christ the Redeemer, one the seven wonders of the world.


Itinerary 6:

We bought a flight from Rio de Janeiro to Berlin in advanced four months earlier. Operated by Germany Condor Air,€ 262, including 30 kg of luggage and two meals in flight.

only a set of free movies to watch. But in terms of the budget airline, this service is invincible.

Visit the ruins of the Berlin wall and the city's historical attractions. Drink Germany beer, eat Sauerbraten and Currywurst.

Itinerary 7:

Take the night bus to Copenhagen, Denmark. Fare are €16, including the cost of the ferry. Euroline promotions, sometimes as low as €1.

Visit the little Mermaid, Museums, Nyhavnand, Carlsberg Brew in Copenhagen.
Berlin wall falls over 20 years ago, the ruin is a Historical marker.


Itinerary 8:

We take Norwegian Air to Bangkok, €190 including 20 kg luggage.

If you like to continue your journey try the train to Penang. It takes 24 hours to arrived.


New Zealand Crayfish town- Kaikoura

December 26, 2016

A town in New Zealand named by Crayfish. It is Kaikoura, a town locates at 2 hours plus car drive from Christchurch. Kaikoura in local language means meal and Crayfish. The translation from Maori.

Apparently, this town has rich of crayfish. There are several methods to have nice crayfish meal. If you like a litter adventure, try the fishing tour, start from 99NZD. Tour members will share the crayfish on that day.

There is two crayfish stall run by Local are nice too.

You choose your crayfish, the chef will cook for you. Half crayfish start from 25NZD. It depends on the size and weight.

We tried the grilled one with garlic. Yummy, most delicious cuisine we have in New Zealand.

One stall located at the town near beach side, another one at 20km away from Kaikoura town, it is on the way to Blenheim, beside the highway, It name Nins bin.


Yes, Kaikoura is a heaven for the seafood lover. In summer, you can get you abalone near rock side. of course, if you don't affair cold, you can catch for another season as well. Just bear in mind,

Only 125mm or above Black abalone size and 80mm and above yellow abalone are allowed, every person has 10 limits for each type of Pāua. You also can't sell your Pāua without a permit.

While Maori are not affected by the conservation policy, but if you buy from them you will also break the law. New Zealand law enforcement officers are straight forward.once you get caught, you have to pay a fine.

Do not take the chance of luck, kiwi stand in the conservation position will not compromise. Abalone usually appears in the shore where the stone, somewhere with seaweed and seals (their food).

Pay attention to the surrounding, and keep the safe distance with the seal, do not let them feel violated and attack you.

seal, kaikoura

What you need to prepare:

- Note the tide, the best time to catch when tide getting low, after the tide surge may be dangerous.
 - A tool like a ruler. You have to grab fast from the stone, if you missed, you may no longer grab it again, because the abalone will suck on the stone more powerful
- look into pink objects on the stone, may be abalone.
- Most abalones are covered in seawater, so it may need to dive, but generally not too deep.


Perito Moreno Glacier- Why Mini Trekking Excursion

December 03, 2016

glacier perito moreno

A trip to Perito Moreno Glacier is not cheap for low budget backpacker. Somehow if would like to get closer to the glacier is another big money for a budget backpacker like us.

But why we still choose Mini Trekking Excursion, a trip cost AR1300(March, 2016) instead of just standing at viewing point in Los Glaciares National Park.

1. A whole day trip included guide and equipment for mini trekking excursion on the glacier without any time restriction. You have enough time to stay longer at the park instead of half day transportation tour.

2.A boat to the glacier is included in the package, different angle view of Perito Moreno Glacier which is you cannot get if just standing at the viewpoint.

3.I know you can google without pay everything to know this stunning geography landmark, but it also the best way explained by a professional guide with an instant scenario. We saw the melting water become a "river" during summer, we also saw the arch on the glacier which you cannot see from the viewpoint.

4. Feel the cold on the big ice, see how it look like in very closed distance.
mini trekking at glacier perito moreno

5.Trekking on the glacier it really awesome. THE BEST EXPERIENCE we had in Argentina.

6. Drink the water melt from Perito Moreno Glacier. This is certain you cannot do by just standing at viewpoint :).
boat ride at glacier perito moreno

7. It's a big Surprise at the end of a tour, we had the Argentina whiskey with Perito Moreno Glacier ice cube.

Last but Not Least, See the Pictures, It tell a thousand words.

drink wisky at glacier perito moreno

How To Get There:

Arrival method:

If you enter from Chile, most will go through Bariloche, Argentine extreme sports paradise, from here, a day daily bus to (7 am) El Calafate, arrived at noon next day, it takes 30 hours. ARS2180, including lunch and dinner, the next morning will interchange, need to buy breakfast at the bus stop (not included).

If from Buenos Aires, you can take the plane. About 4 hours, Price in between 90-170 dollars.

El Calafate to the airport from town, a taxi price is ARS250.

Take note:

We bought our tour package from Hielo y Aventura, ARS 1300 per person. Glacier National Park tickets not included (ARS 260, March 2016. It Increased to ARS330 from May onward). Departure at 8 am from El Calafate, Return around 5 pm, need to bring your own lunch.

lunch at glacier perito moreno