Slow boat in Amazon river to brazil

February 08, 2017

There are many ways to experience the world's largest tropical rainforests on the 7000-kilometer Amazon River.

From Peru, Ecuador, or Colombia, can take a boat to Brazil. The general route from 8 hours to a week it depends on what you wanted to see.

The easiest way is to fly to Leticia in Colombia.

Daily flight available from Bogota to Leticia, tickets are between 50-100 USD.

If you are in South America and want to avoid the turmoil in Venezuela, which is the best or even the lowest cost route.

Leticia is an inland city that can not be reached by land transportation. It shares an Inland with Brazil's Tabatinga.

There is a border between two countries but no ports. You can crossover every time without having any Border check.

Both currencies are acceptable, but mostly they will require local currency in in their respective territories.


1. Boat Ticket

Slow boat from Tabatinga to Manaus take 3-4 days to arrived. Raining season is faster.

The boat departs every Wednesday and Saturday noon.

Hammock R$180-R$200 per person, local people only R$150some buddy can get the local price, but usually is hard to get lower than R$180.

Beware there are not agent selling ticket, you have to go Porto Fluvial de Tabatinga buy your own ticket.

5km from Leticia, get a MotoTaxi, like Tuk Tuk in Thailand, can fit 2 people with two big pack about COP7000, only COP2000 for the local bus.

Some backpacker suggests get the ticket early, somehow the owner of Leticia backpacker told us to buy the ticket when last minute may get cheaper.

We have a flight ticket leave Manaus, that's why we don't take the risk.

2. Hammock

You can easily get your Hammock in South America. We bought at Columbia in COP30,000. Another one bought from a backpacker who just finish the journey in Amazon river, 20Soles.

Get you place in the second deck, the middle is best, away from the toilet. Try to onboarding early, many local starts the line up at 9am.


The food is not bad, three meal per day. It starts early, usually, they will make an announcement.

There are chicken or beef for lunch or dinner. Bread with coffee for breakfast.

Many suggested bring more water, but our boat provides cold and warm water whole day. Coffee is available in morning and noon.

Cuttery also available on the boat, but many local bring their own.


Take care your belonging. Thief reported when the passengers disembark. Try to lock your big pack together. Many stop point at midnight, you may in sleeping.

you can pass your belonging to captain but only can get back when disembark.

Brazilian federal police go aboard check at every stop point.

5. Passport Stamp for leaving

Make sure get your passport chop before leaving.

Leticia and Tabatinga share the inner land. Both countries do not have any border barriers. you can chop the stamp when you arrived at Leticia airport. The immigration office just next to the airport entrance.

After that, rent a moto taxi for half day (COP18,000). The driver will bring you to Tabatinga Federal police office to get the entry stamp.

You can buy your boat ticket after getting the entry stamp.


Backpackers prefer to stay Leticia instead of Tabangtinga. More choices and cheaper doom in Leticia.

You can stay Leticia after getting the entry stamp of Brazil.

7.Time Zone

There is 3 time zone in Brazil. Tabatinga same with Colombia (UTC-5).

Manaus use Atlantic Time Zone (UTC-4), São Paulo is Brasilia Time(UTC-3).

When the boat leaves Tabatinga, the boat is using Atlantic Time Zone.

Time to provide food is early. We missed first meal of the day due we using Colombia time.


Unless you do not want to go to Brazil directly without visit Colombia, or we do not recommend this trip in Amazon River, the whole trip takes at least 10 days without other transport (Take a plane from Iquitos).

First, you need to take a bus to Tarapoto, then 2 hours and a half bus to Yurimaguas (10soles), from here you can take a boat to Iquitos, take 3 days, daily boat, except Sundays, tickets (100 soles).

Iquitos is an inland area, accessible only by airplane or by boat. You can fly from here to other places, but not recommended if you are looping the continent of South America. You can also fly directly to Iquitos, from here to start the Amazon River rafting.

In Iquitos, can take a boat to Santa Rosa (3 days, daily boats available, there is three company running. Ask Captain directly for tickets. (80 soles),

Santa Rosa is the Delta of  Peru, Colombia, and Brazil.

At Santa Rosa, you need to get the stamp fro leaving Peru, then take the boat to Leticia or Tabatinga. (10 minutes, 2 soles).


Here you can also ride the boat drifting the Amazon, but few people do so, very inconvenient. From Coca by boat to Iquitos, but only once every 10 days it depends on of the goods in cargo. They will set off when it full.

You may need to wait in this small town for couple days.

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