Plan your trip in Bolivia

June 30, 2016

Uyuni slat flat
Uyuni Salt flat, Bolivia

Uyuni, Join the three days two-night tour to see The world largest mirror is a must. The world larger salt flat so incredible. cum you can see the desert, flamingo, volcanoes, and enjoy the hot springs.

Wake up early on the second or third day before the tour start, you may see the milk way by a naked eye.

Heading to Potosi,  second highest city in the world. you can join the tour see cooperate mines, witness the old colony time method in mining. or visit one of the finest museums in South America, Casa Nacional de Moneda.
milky way in Bolivia
Milky way is seen by naked eye.

Then, you can go Sucre, the constitutional capital of Bolivia, well known as the white city.

We straight to La Paz after Sucre. If you have time, visit Cochabamba before head north. It's home of World highest Jesus statue.

Yet, don't forget "Death road" ride at Coroico. That was one of our best experience in South America.

Before leaving this Country, visit the holy lake of Inca Empire, lake Titicaca. You can stop at Copacabana for couple days before heading to Peruvian side, Puno.
lake titikaka, bolivian side
Lake Titikaka, Bolivian side.

beware, if you entry Bolivia from Lowland area, please don't rush your journey on the first day. Make yourself comfortable with the attitude before your trip.

Day recommend at Bolivia, 14-18days
Breathtaking screen during an excursion.

llma, uyuni, bolivia excursion
Llma is everywhere in Uyuni excursion trip.


How to choose Salar de Uyuni salt flat tour?

June 27, 2016

Any time of Salar de Uyuni salt flat has its beauty. Depend on what you want to see.

Raining season starts from December to next year February, it is the classic view of the salt flat.So call the World's largest Mirror.

When it dried up in July or August, you can see the salt flat in many pentagon shapes. sometime in between March to May, you can see both types of the salt flat.

It is possible to meet the salt flat without joining the tour, but why?

The price is reasonable, good service, the journey is flexible, you can stop your driver when you meet a nice scenery.

Our driver also gives the tips for how to get the amazing photo.

  1. Three days two nights tour set off at 10 am, 6-7person per car, 800BOB/p (March 2016)
  • Day 1, Train cemetery,Colchani,lunch at Salt make hotel, Fish island(Isla Incahuasi)
  • Day 2, Ollague volcano, Three type flamingo, World driest dessert, Siloli, Stone Tree, Red Lake
  • Day 3, Geysers with sunrise,hot springs, green lake(option transfer to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile), white lake, rock valley. return to Uyuni about 6 pm.
2.Sunrise, sunset, Stargazing,6people a tour, less than 6 people may cancel or need to top up money 120BOB/p(March 2016). 

There has a list on in front of every tour agency's shop, you can check how the status on every tour of the day. Departure at 4 am for sunrise, return at 10 am, 4 pm for sunset, return at 11 pm, 11 pm for stargazing, return at 3 am.

The possibility of the mirror other than raining season? Absolutely. Tour guide will bring you to the certain places with water in anytime when you joining the sunrise, sunset or Stargazing tour.

Join the tour on the spot? Yes, our tourmate arrived Uyuni at the same day when our journey started. 

They came from Oruro by train and arrived at early morning.I cannot 100% sure you can register last minutes if during the high season.

PS:Our tour agent was blue line。just opposite the train station. There are many tour agencies on the same street. Blue line located at the corner, near the square. you also can find some around the square. compare the price before decided which one you want to join. Usually, all included, accommodation, food, and your guide, just need to bring extra water if you need more. Don't forget snack due sometimes lunch/dinner are late. Beware English tour is 400BOB expensive than Spanish. We join Spanish one although we don't understand. But it is alright since we join the tour for scenery, not information. Some more if your tourmate knows both languages. Ps:National Park entrance fees not included, 150Bob. Salt make hotel toilet cost 5 Bob after lunch will heading to Fish island, 30Bob entrance fees included toilet entrance.

South America

Visa exemption in South America for Malaysian

June 27, 2016

Except for Paraguay and Guyana, Malaysian passport entitled visa-free at most countries in South America.

However, the diplomatic policy may change, our information based on Feb 2016 until Jun 2016.

Most results from our research said Malaysian need visa for entry Bolivia, actually just need Visa on arrived and it free of charged.

We recommend apply in advanced, don't get your visa when entering the border, bad experienced has been reported. Do not need to pay the departure tax when leaving like Lonely Planet said.

Argentina- 30 days
Uruguay- 30 days
Suriname- 30 days
Chile- 30 days
Brazil- 90 days
Columbia- 90 days
French Guiana- 90 days
Ecuador- 90 days
Peru- 90 days (sometimes it depend on the officer, we got 30 days visa free when crossing border from Chile, but got 90 days from Bolivia)
Venezuela- 90 days (need to paid 50BBF for entry form and 240BBF departure tax)