Travel guides after New Zealand Working Holiday

December 29, 2016


Iguazu Fall

In recent years, working holidays in New Zealand have attracted a large number of applicants from Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

New Zealand Immigration will be open on January 20 to 1150 places to Malaysian applications.

Most of the backpackers will go Australia, Fiji, and other Pacific island countries before home.

Other than to direct fly home, maybe you can the other way home via round the planet.

After completing New Zealand in early 2016, we flew to South America, travel for nearly 4 months, and then flew to Europe for a week, then return to Asia, air tickets and fly directly to home almost the same.

Maybe a four-month journey for the majority of people is too long, but if you want to go home in this way, add extra footprint in few countries, is absolutely feasible.

We are not alone during the trip in Sout America. We meet another backpacker who also went south America after Working Holiday in New Zealand.

South America (10 days)

Retiro in Buenos Aires, taken by Konica film.

Itinerary 1:

Air New Zealand offer a direct flight to the Buenos Aires, Argentinian capital. We purchased a one-way ticket for 900 NZD. Sometimes promotion price as low as 599NZD.

Watch a Tango show in Buenos Aires and paid a visit to Boca Junior Stadium, a place born the great soccer player, Diego Maradona.

Itinerary 2:

Take a 16 hours bus to the north, the way to the world's largest waterfall, Iguazú Falls. Iguazu Falls are located in Argentina and Brazil. Both sides of National park are great, but if you only visit one of them Argentinian side is the better option.

From here you can take 2 hours bus the Brazilian side, and take another bus here to Sao Paulo. Duration of Journey: Bus 16 hours, plane 2 hours.

Bird view of Iguazu fall
Bird view of Iguazu falls -Pix by Iguazu falls National Park

Itinerary 3:

Sao Paulo is the largest city in Latin America, this city was the home of the world's largest, the tallest building in the world.

In 1950s economic boom in this city, the people build a lot of world's largest, tallest and best building. The city has hundreds of museums and shopping malls, and thousands of bars and restaurants.

It is also home to different or weird museums and buildings of the world. Ranging from sexually diverse museums to Asian museums and so on, this city shows its tolerance of diversity.
The museum located at Subway station.

Itinerary 5:

Take a bus to Rio de Janeiro (6 hours) after Sao Paulo.

From Largo do Machado Square, where you can buy tickets at the front of the chapel (50Real) and they will send you directly to the Jesus statue, Christ the Redeemer.

This one of the seven wonders of the World crowded every day.Entry before 8 am to avoid the crowd. See the sunset at Copacabana beach in evening.
Christ the Redeemer, one the seven wonders of the world.


Itinerary 6:

We bought a flight from Rio de Janeiro to Berlin in advanced four months earlier. Operated by Germany Condor Air,€ 262, including 30 kg of luggage and two meals in flight.

only a set of free movies to watch. But in terms of the budget airline, this service is invincible.

Visit the ruins of the Berlin wall and the city's historical attractions. Drink Germany beer, eat Sauerbraten and Currywurst.

Itinerary 7:

Take the night bus to Copenhagen, Denmark. Fare are €16, including the cost of the ferry. Euroline promotions, sometimes as low as €1.

Visit the little Mermaid, Museums, Nyhavnand, Carlsberg Brew in Copenhagen.
Berlin wall falls over 20 years ago, the ruin is a Historical marker.


Itinerary 8:

We take Norwegian Air to Bangkok, €190 including 20 kg luggage.

If you like to continue your journey try the train to Penang. It takes 24 hours to arrived.

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