South American Cuisine

October 08, 2016

"The many plains on this continent make it rich for growing foods like cereals, potatoes and quinoa. In the Patagonia region south of Chile and Argentina, many people raise sheep and cattle. In Brazil, the most traditional dish is the feijoada, a stew consisting of beans with beef and pork."Wikipedia
  • Argentine cuisine

Influenced by Italian immigrants, pizza and pasta are common. Toast are expensive, but bread is okay. Wine is nice and cheap. The best will be Angus's beef, get some at Butcher's shop. It is the budget way. Approx. ARS100 per meal.
  • Brazilian cuisine

The multivariate ethnic group, mainly are influenced by Portuguese. They have the best Japanese's food outside of Japan. Large immigrants of Asian at São Paulo, you can get many Asian cuisines if you like. The difference is, the buffet in Brazil are based on the weight. You pay what you get. Start from 3BRL/100grams. Approx. 10BRL per meal.
  • Chilean cuisine

It's hard to describe what are Chilean cuisine characteristic. Chile is a modern country, you can find world cuisine at the city like Santiago. Chilean made very good Carménère's red wine. Approx. CLP3000-5000 per meal.


  • Peruvian cuisine

Arroz chaufa, Sopa Wantan, Lomo Saltado, etc. Peru is a food heaven for Asian in South America. Those are Chinese food cook in Peruvian way. Ceviche, a raw fish "cook" by Lime. The taste similar to Asam laksa in Malaysia.You can get a Menu( set lunch or dinner) for 3-8Soles in Peru. It come with soup,rice, potato and main dish( choose one from chicken/pork/beef). Mostly serve with a drink like Chicha, one of the Peru nation drink in purple color. If you are lucky, you will have some salad but this is depend on. Cusco or Puno, try Cuy (Guinea pig). Pisco sour, a cocktail you must try here.
  • Ecuador

It's similar what you can find in Peru. But here, banana is every where. A menu on top of rice, or in soup. On Street, bake banana as well. Approx. USD1.5-3 per meal.
  • Colombia

Home of world best Coffee. Get some coffee bean home, it's worth. You can find similar food here from Peru and Ecuador. However, usually Menu without soup. Approx. COP8000 per meal.
  • Bolivia

The worst food we have in South America is at Bolivia. Grilled chicken with potato and rice or noodle can seen every where. No much other options. Llama meat with rice can easily found on street(5BOB).Trout fish is nice at Lake Titicaca. Quinua, a high fiber food, can grow only at high attitude area, taste delicious. Approx. 10BOB per meal.
Llma Meat

  • Venezuela

Food are Similar with Colombia. In Mérida, a Guinness record ice cream shop have over 700 flavors.

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