Coffee town in Colombia

October 28, 2016

salento coffee

Latin America is a heaven for a coffee lover. They produced the most and the best coffee in the world.

Manizales, Peipera, Armenia and Salento, the four popular destinations for the coffee tour. We went only Salento, in 2 days trip from Cali.

The attraction of Salento not only coffee, lonely planet claimed it is green version Switzerland. There is some breathtaking hiking trail.  

How to get there from Cali:
First, you have to go Armenia(4 hours.). Minivan starts from 5 am. Price from,COP18,000-23,000(May,2016). Buy your ticket at the second floor, Cali terminal. Some counter at 3rd floor. Price varies.  

From Armenia to Salento (1 Hour):

Minibus, COP4,200(May, 2016). Bus go when full. It's quick.

Coffee tour in Salento COP6,000-10,000
Don Elias A Family run the coffee farm, organic.
250gram coffee bean COP15,000
The grandson of owner Elias speaks very well English.
Tour run irregularly, but you wouldn't wait long. About 30 minutes.

El Ocasa, 1hour tour, this is the most organized farm in town. English or Spanish (switch every hour) Last tour at 4 pm, 3 pm is Spanish

Accommodation in Salento
Dm COP18,000-25,000, around the plaza. There is many.

 Food price
Desayuno 5000
Almuerzo 6000

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