Perito Moreno Glacier- Why Mini Trekking Excursion

December 03, 2016

glacier perito moreno

A trip to Perito Moreno Glacier is not cheap for low budget backpacker. Somehow if would like to get closer to the glacier is another big money for a budget backpacker like us.

But why we still choose Mini Trekking Excursion, a trip cost AR1300(March, 2016) instead of just standing at viewing point in Los Glaciares National Park.

1. A whole day trip included guide and equipment for mini trekking excursion on the glacier without any time restriction. You have enough time to stay longer at the park instead of half day transportation tour.

2.A boat to the glacier is included in the package, different angle view of Perito Moreno Glacier which is you cannot get if just standing at the viewpoint.

3.I know you can google without pay everything to know this stunning geography landmark, but it also the best way explained by a professional guide with an instant scenario. We saw the melting water become a "river" during summer, we also saw the arch on the glacier which you cannot see from the viewpoint.

4. Feel the cold on the big ice, see how it look like in very closed distance.
mini trekking at glacier perito moreno

5.Trekking on the glacier it really awesome. THE BEST EXPERIENCE we had in Argentina.

6. Drink the water melt from Perito Moreno Glacier. This is certain you cannot do by just standing at viewpoint :).
boat ride at glacier perito moreno

7. It's a big Surprise at the end of a tour, we had the Argentina whiskey with Perito Moreno Glacier ice cube.

Last but Not Least, See the Pictures, It tell a thousand words.

drink wisky at glacier perito moreno

How To Get There:

Arrival method:

If you enter from Chile, most will go through Bariloche, Argentine extreme sports paradise, from here, a day daily bus to (7 am) El Calafate, arrived at noon next day, it takes 30 hours. ARS2180, including lunch and dinner, the next morning will interchange, need to buy breakfast at the bus stop (not included).

If from Buenos Aires, you can take the plane. About 4 hours, Price in between 90-170 dollars.

El Calafate to the airport from town, a taxi price is ARS250.

Take note:

We bought our tour package from Hielo y Aventura, ARS 1300 per person. Glacier National Park tickets not included (ARS 260, March 2016. It Increased to ARS330 from May onward). Departure at 8 am from El Calafate, Return around 5 pm, need to bring your own lunch.

lunch at glacier perito moreno

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