First city see the light in the world

December 31, 2016

Gisborne- the first city in the world see the light-100% Pure New Zealand

The first day of every year, the world first firework show from Sydney, how about sunrise?

The first sunrise on the planet arrived in New Zealand or Samoa first every morning. 

New Zealand is tip of easternmost country from Greenwich, thus becoming one of the earliest countries to enter the new day。

Pitt island is the first sunrise of the day will raise at. It lies about 770 kilometers (480 mi)  to the east of New Zealand's north islands. However, it's not easy to go there.

If you can't go there, how about at the first city in the world see the light?

1st of January, the sun will rise at a city in in northeastern New Zealand, Gisborne. 1700 meters height of Mount Hikurangi from this city will say hello to the sunlight early than everyone else.

If you drive from Rotorua, it takes about 4 hours. The city is small only 36,000 populations, but it very unique, every visitors come for “ First city in the world see the light”.

Sunrise of 1st Jan about 5.46am. if you would meet the dawn or twilight, come early, better arrived before 5 am, wait at the beach before 4.30am.

The Seaside is cold, prepare some warm cloth. The way from Rotorua is the rough mountain road, drive safe. Is better arrive early.

Gisborne also is Capital of Chardonnay, if you love wine, join the Wine Tour. There is also strong Maori culture here, climb to Mount Hikurangi to visit the Maori statues. From car park to the hut about 3-4 hours (10.5km), and another 2 hours to peak.

World fist light will arrived at Mount Hikurangi。-100% Pure New Zealand
Camping at Rere falls you can see Glow worm-100% Pure New Zealand

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