Leticia to Manaus via Slow boat in Amazon river

January 04, 2017

The largest river in the Planet- Pix by WWF

Taking the slow boat from Leticia at Colombia to Manaus, Brazil in Amazon forest is one of the best routes in South America.

You may have some Cruise experiences on the sea, but you have to try the absolutely rare experiences. take a slow boat in the world's largest and longest river (nearly 7,000 km), this is part of Amazon, the world's largest rain forest.

During the trip, you may see the Amazon River pink dolphins and piranhas.
Pink dolphin usually appear after the rain.- Pix by WWF
Technically, the drifting days of the vessel are not tourist purposes. This is the main transport for many amazon inland villages.

There are some Airport and route for the car into the certain village but no all.

Local people, whether to enter or come out from the Amazon inland, are taking this cargo ship

Of course, the speedboat is available some passengers, there is no need for 4 days and 3 nights.

However, the price several times expensive for mostly low-income families in the Amazon villages.

Aircraft are limited to a few specific tourist cities.

The starting point of the Amazon river have their own claims, but generally, the more recognized is the Andean mountains in Peru, the basin has covered many countries in South America, the mount of river exit to Macapá, an Atlantic coast city in Brazil.

There are many stops during 7,000 km long route. We meet a French in Peru, he starts his amazon river trip from Belem in Brazil, 21 days in total.

He shares some stories with us, one of the interesting stories is about aborigines in Amazon inland.

They try to pick up the camera for picture, but the aborigines pick up the bow and arrow at the same time, every time they repeated, the aborigines repeat the same, end up they can't take any picture.

The inland villages are modernizing, floating gas station near on shore.
We went from Leticia in Colombia to Manaus, the largest city in Amazon.

Scheduled for four days and three nights, but the rainy season cause high tide, we arrived downstream earlier than scheduled.

Hammock or Cabin is available, R$180(50 USD) including food. Three meals a day on board, as well as the unlimited supply of coffee and water.

R$20-40 per hammock, you need to find a place early on the boat in the second deck.

Beware of your belonging during the journey.We got many advice from other backpackers, the thief always actions when the cargo at Stop point. after they left, even captain also can not help.

We had prepared some repellent for mosquitoes to prevent Zika virus, but the vessel is operating most of the time, docking time is not long, we don't see any mosquitoes during the journey.

The whole trip is very good impressionistic, no wifi but very substantial, through the world's largest river, the weather was comfortable, the rainforest scenery along the coast, like back home.

Brings your book to kill the time on the boat.
The meals on the boat are nice.
Sunset in Amazon.
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