New Zealand Crayfish town- Kaikoura

December 26, 2016

A town in New Zealand named by Crayfish. It is Kaikoura, a town locates at 2 hours plus car drive from Christchurch. Kaikoura in local language means meal and Crayfish. The translation from Maori.

Apparently, this town has rich of crayfish. There are several methods to have nice crayfish meal. If you like a litter adventure, try the fishing tour, start from 99NZD. Tour members will share the crayfish on that day.

There is two crayfish stall run by Local are nice too.

You choose your crayfish, the chef will cook for you. Half crayfish start from 25NZD. It depends on the size and weight.

We tried the grilled one with garlic. Yummy, most delicious cuisine we have in New Zealand.

One stall located at the town near beach side, another one at 20km away from Kaikoura town, it is on the way to Blenheim, beside the highway, It name Nins bin.


Yes, Kaikoura is a heaven for the seafood lover. In summer, you can get you abalone near rock side. of course, if you don't affair cold, you can catch for another season as well. Just bear in mind,

Only 125mm or above Black abalone size and 80mm and above yellow abalone are allowed, every person has 10 limits for each type of Pāua. You also can't sell your Pāua without a permit.

While Maori are not affected by the conservation policy, but if you buy from them you will also break the law. New Zealand law enforcement officers are straight forward.once you get caught, you have to pay a fine.

Do not take the chance of luck, kiwi stand in the conservation position will not compromise. Abalone usually appears in the shore where the stone, somewhere with seaweed and seals (their food).

Pay attention to the surrounding, and keep the safe distance with the seal, do not let them feel violated and attack you.

seal, kaikoura

What you need to prepare:

- Note the tide, the best time to catch when tide getting low, after the tide surge may be dangerous.
 - A tool like a ruler. You have to grab fast from the stone, if you missed, you may no longer grab it again, because the abalone will suck on the stone more powerful
- look into pink objects on the stone, may be abalone.
- Most abalones are covered in seawater, so it may need to dive, but generally not too deep.

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